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Lowland Gorilla Bust

Hand built ceramic.

Size approximately: 45cm length 35cm depth.

Contact for price.

About the Sculpture

Gorillas are an iconic animal.  Their features are so very human and I find this makes them fascinating to sculpt.  I have never seen Gorilla in the wild, but we are lucky enough to have the Aspinall Foundation nearby, with their two large parks Howletts and Port Lympne.   I have spent many hours watching these creatures at these parks. Of course many believe captivity is not the ideal environment for these animals, but the people who work with them try very hard to make it pleasant and natural (and of course this is an easy life compared to having to make a living in the wild) and part of the ethos of the Foundation is to reintroduce gorillas  to the wild whenever possible.  You can read more about their work here.

Quite a few years ago Bill (my husband) volunteered at one of the Aspinall’s gorilla orphanages, and he also spent several months tracking chimps and gorilla in the wild so he has had a chance to see some of the work they do in situ.  I very much hope to see gorilla in the wild one day, and I hope that time is not running out.