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Silvery Gibbon, Diginal Print Of Charcoal Sketch

Javan Moloch (or silvery) Gibbon

Original charcoal sketch £145 , unframed

Also available as a digital print of original charcoal sketch at £45, unframed
Limited edition of 15.

23cm x 20cm, approximate image area.

Please contact for shipping prices.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece framed, please contact me.

About the Drawing

We make quite a few visits to our local wildlife park, and it has a small collection of these beautiful gibbons. I love to watch them swinging through the branches  in their large cages (this action is known as brachiation). Cages are not ideal, but these large enclosures are as good as it gets in captivity I suppose. These gibbons have beautiful faces, with large eyes, not to mention amazing ball and socket joints on their wrists which mean they can swivel, whilst hanging, almost 360 degrees (which looks painful!).