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Because of the long reach of the tide, Whitstable has many guises.  Sometimes the waves lap the pebble beach, and sometimes you have to walk quite a way across mud and stones if you want to reach the water.  It is set on the north sea and has a rather muddy bed, so often the more subtle colours predominate.  I think the cooler, rather muted colours of the north sea are just as beautiful as the bright colours of our Atlantic coast in their own way (it is ironic as Kent has more than once recorded the highest summer temperatures in the country and on a hot summers day the sea can actually be quite blue!)

Whitstable Sunset 1

Oil on Board, postcard size
6 x 4 inches, unframed
(15.24  x 10.2 cm, unframed)

7.5 x 9.75 inches framed
(25cm x 19.4cm famed)

£155 with framed, but can also be supplied unframed at £135

Delivery within UK £15.
Please contact for international shipping prices.

About the Picture

Whitstable is a popular destination in North Kent.  It is particularly known for its oysters and when the tide is out a large expanse of stone and sand flats are exposed.  You can also see the frames  on which they now grow the oysters. This is a small postcard sized painting, showing the tide some way between high and low tide.