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If you are interested in chatting to me about a commission please take time to read the section on Commissioning a Sculpture below.

Commissioning a Sculpture – a few basic facts

Bella the Whippet, ceramic

Please allow plenty of time for commissions. Normal procedure with commissions is to provide an approximate quote, and to take a non-returnable deposit before commencement of the sculpture. This deposit varies depending on the type of sculpture commissioned but will be between 25% and 50% of the quoted price.  The final amount is payable before delivery. Delivery or installation is not normally included in the quote, unless specifically stated.  All quotes for commissions are based on “one off” sculptures.  I retain all the intellectual property rights to my work and images of my work, including commissions unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Commissioning a Bronze Sculpture

If you are interested in commissioning a “one-off” bronze or bronze resin, please remember that the prices of bronzes and bronze resins on my website cannot be used as a guide. I normally produce bronzes and bronze resins as limited editions, which means the cost of producing the original model (all bronzes and resins are cast from some kind of original model – see “about sculptures“) is spread over the whole edition – usually between 9 and 50.

As you can see from the “About Sculptures” section, producing a bronze or bronze resin is a complex process and so original “one off” bronzes, will start at several thousand pounds. Bronze resins are slightly cheaper, but the cost of producing the original, and then making the mould and casting, still has to be included.

If you have any further questions or would like to chat with us about a commission, please contact us (details at bottom of page).

Ceramic Sculptures

An original, one off ceramic commission will need approximately 2 to 3 months lead time.  This allows for the design of the piece, production of the sculpture, the “drying” process and finally the firing and glazing.  My ceramic pieces are hand built using a variety different clay – and they are fired in an electric kiln. An original ceramic sculpture start from around £500 pounds.  If the sculpture is to be of a pet for example the price will be higher.  Price will also depend on the pose and size of the subject.