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Rectangular Platters

Stoneware, Handmade.
Available in two colourways (matt and gloss white, or white and copper patina)

Large Platter length  30cm
Large Platter length  19cm

Small Platter length 19cm
Small Platter width 11cm

Small Dip Bowls approx 7cm

Prices do not include postage and packing.

About the Ceramics

These platters/sushi plates are hand made from stoneware, which is durable and can be put in the dishwasher.  The glazes are deliberately overlapped on the platter to create an area of unpredictable interest.  Here the overlap is of a copper green colour and adds a beautiful depth to the platter.

Please note as this table ware is handmade it is not perfect (unlike most items cast from moulds and mechanically dipped or sprayed).  There are wobbles, spots and wonky areas.  These should not be seen as faults but as part of the charm of the handmade item.